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Treatment with suction cups

Cupping treatment in Geneva

Cupping is a form of acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice that involves placing cups on the skin to treat various ailments. Cupping was used in ancient times to treat conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and even back problems. Cupping is placed on the skin and left in place for 5 to 15 minutes. This improves blood circulation in the affected area and relieves pain.

Cupping is a technique used in acupressure and acupuncture to treat pain and illness. Cupping is placed on the skin, usually over the muscles, and left in place for several minutes. The suction draws blood to the affected area and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This can help relieve pain and inflammation.

Cupping is also used in cupping therapy, an alternative medicine practice that involves creating suction on the skin using glass or bamboo cups. The suction causes blood vessels to rupture, allowing toxins to escape the skin. Cupping can be used to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, back pain, headaches, migraines and respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

The benefits of cupping in acupuncture

Cupping involves placing a cup on a painful or injured area of your body for five minutes at a time. If you want better results with this type of treatment, you can leave them in place for longer periods of time (up to 30 minutes).

The benefits of this type of treatment include: increased circulation around the body's organs, allowing them to access nutrients more easily; improved lymphatic drainage (which helps remove toxins from the body); and decreased swelling.

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treatment with suction cups

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