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Terre Des Sens Acupuncture

Inaugurated in 2017 with an authentic vision of wellness therapies, Terre Des Sens invites you to treat yourself differently with acupuncture and other treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Acupuncture and herbal medicine work with the energetic, neuromuscular and circulatory systems, enabling your body to heal itself naturally. The personalized treatments we offer help eliminate blockages, restore proper internal functioning and strengthen your system as a whole.

Well-being at the end of the needle

Acupuncture Terre Des Sens


One of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the energy balance, which is carried out according to a "4-step" protocol: question - auscultate - palpate - observe. In this way, the practitioner gathers all the data required to treat imbalances whose manifestations are already apparent (illness, pain, insomnia, discomfort...), but also to prevent the appearance of latent illnesses or imbalances.

In fact, our body is criss-crossed by twelve meridians, each corresponding to an organ, through which Qi, our vital energy, circulates. When blockages occur, they cause pain or illness in the corresponding area of the body.

The aim of acupuncture is to unblock these "chees" so that they can circulate freely in the body once again.


Acupuncture helps treat everything from chronic pain to infertility and even drug addiction.

It is also used to treat allergies, anxiety and depression, digestive problems, hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), immune disorders such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis (RA), musculoskeletal problems such as fibromyalgia or sciatica - and the list goes on!

Pharmacopoeia and Phytotherapy


Use of very fine needles on acupoints



Apply needles or stickers to the reflection points of the ear

Pharmacopoeia and phytotherapy

Herbal and mineral treatments to rebalance the body and mind



Acupuncture on the face to achieve a cosmetic objective.

Suction cups

Relieve and treat pain by creating suction on the skin


TCM Diagnostics

Physical examination through palpation of the pulse, observation of the tongue and anamnesis

 Terre des Sens offers you the possibility to participate in various activities in our 250 m2 open space. Independent speakers will offer you the opportunity to discover or perfect certain techniques or therapies, through conferences, seminars, workshops, concerts... Subscribe to our newsletter to follow these activities. This space can also be privatized for welfare-related events. Contact us for more information >>> CONTACT


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